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Retro Post: Adventure #2: Curried Apple & Cheddar Scones

Well, sticking to the “one post a week” vow I made myself is proving more difficult than I expected.  However, actually cooking something interesting once a week is working just fine.  Of course, it’s much harder to document the process when it’s been a few weeks since you cooked something…

The second cooking adventure was a joint effort with my good friend Alimonkee, who lovingly provided her kitchen and her enthusiastic co-chef-ship.  We decided to make a tasty brunch for her man, and thought scones would be an excellent addition to the menu.

There were a few added challenges, of course: A. prefers to avoid wheat in favor of spelt flour; I am almost entirely unfamiliar with her oven; and I’ve never made scones before in my life.  Nothing is ever easy…

We attempted to make one of Jasmine’s recipes, once again. As before, in the end her Curried Apple & Cheddar Scones were much prettier than ours, and possibly  much tastier, but ours turned out pretty well, too!

We started off with all those beautiful apples and onions in a skillet, frying them into incredible smells that made us reluctant to make it to the next phase of the recipe.  (It’s a bit like brownie mix – once you start stirring, you wonder whether you really wanted to bake those after all…)

The dough was a bit unexpected.  It acted a bit more like pizza dough than what I expected scone dough to feel like, but we did our best to follow the instructions, spreading and folding in the delicious innards.

It looked amazing, but it sure didn’t fold easily.  The apple parts kept poking out the sides, and it was hard to tell when we were supposed to stop folding (this probably gets easier with more scone practice).  But in the end, the folding was done, and we were able to tear and mold our way into strange, almost-scone-shaped blobs, ready for the oven.  We almost forgot to let them sit before baking, but we remembered before it was too late.

The hardest part, again because of lack of experience, was knowing when the scones were done.  I wasn’t familiar with the oven OR the recipe, so we checked three times to see if we thought they were ready. The third time, it was pretty clear it had been just a minute or so too long – they were slightly more than “golden”.  But they smelled phenomenal, and they still looked beautiful.

We added the scones to our brunch, and sat down to enjoy. (No delayed gratification here! The scones were ready right on time.)  Everything was fabulous, and the scones were a perfect complement.  We did notice that the cheddar flavor wasn’t particularly strong, but the curry came out nicely, and the apple and onion flavor was delicious.  The scones were a bit dry, but they were excellent just out of the oven.  (When I had them again the next day, they were a bit too dry, even toasted with butter.  I do have some dough frozen, which I haven’t made yet, so there will be an Adventure #2 Redux at some point.)  All in all, a successful experiment, and one I’d like to try again soon!

Miz P


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