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Quiche is one of my favorite things.  Calin and I make quiche all the time, especially since Pillsbury packaged pie crust is so cheap and easy (and comes in twos, so you have to make it twice as often).  Until recently, I’d never made my own pie crust ever, for anything, despite being told time after time after time that it’s incredibly easy and I should do it.

Well, now I’ve made pie crust for an apple pie (see Thanksgiving) using my handy and ever-so-useful food processor, and been witness to quiche crust by hand (see Thanksgiving Brunch), and I have to say, I love it for special occasions, but I’m not going to mess up that many dishes on a regular basis just to avoid a tasty packaged delight. [And yes, I’m backdating my blog posts because I’ve been bad lately, so don’t judge me when you realize that this post is dated BEFORE Thanksgiving…]

Well, excellent pie crust aside, this is a spectacular quiche we made using my old staple Pillsbury.  I can’t actually provide the recipe for my egg mixture, since it invariably changes during quiche manufacture, but I can tell you that, contrary to cookbook wisdom, more quiche ingredients = better, which leaves less room for egg mixture.  Sure, that may make it less of a quiche and more of a … pie full of things.  But it’s so tasty it’s worth it, and probably no one will judge you for it.  (If they do, just remind them that you’ll never ever make them a quiche again, and they will promptly desist.)

Now, I should also mention that the reason my egg mixture changes mid-mix is that I *do* always include far more ingredients than my recipe calls for, so either my custard overflows, or I have lot left over in the bowl.  [One very adventurous time I poured the leftovers into another dish and baked it by itself.  I called it an egg soufflé and pretended I’d done it on purpose.  It was a nice change for a workday breakfast, but not something to write home about – or duplicate.]  Anyway, I always use too many exciting things in my quiche.  Enough said.

This particular quiche was actually a second rendition, it’s predecessor having become an instant success by virtue of being spectacularly tasty and having bacon.  (Note: turkey bacon.  I don’t cook with real bacon.)  The ingredients: one half large onion, sautéed; approximately 8 slices turkey bacon, cooked and shredded; cheddar cheese; swiss cheese.  It’s the simplest, tastiest quiche I’ve ever made.  (And unlike my quiches with broccoli in, this one didn’t go all soft and gooey in the middle.  I’m working on that…)  Calin loves it because it’s got bacon; I love it because it’s got onions and cheese; we make it all the time because it’s easy and delicious and how can you go wrong with that?

Miz P


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