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The Biggest Little Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving, for the first time, my sister and I decided to thwart family tradition and strike out on our own.  We, and two friends, and three dogs, created our own outrageous feast of astronomical proportions.  And considering that we weren’t planning to feed the dogs, the volume of food in the house that day was verging on true madness.

Also madness was our well-intentioned plan to make things we’ve never made before.  Fortunately (Thankfully?) the fates were on our side, and nearly everything we tried worked out well.  We learned how to halve Cornish Game Hens; I learned how to make a pie crust (which, with a food processor, was a cinch); we discovered that neither of us really like our new green bean casserole recipe, but that it works…; and we failed, as usual, to discover the outer limits of our gastronomic abilities.  Clearing your plate (or the table) runs in the family.

Here is a recap of the day, in food:

Cornish game hens, halved and pan baked before oven baking; cranberry gravy for the hens.

Apple pie, in all its glory.  Looks a little like the apples are trying to escape the crust…

Baked brie, which doesn’t bake quite as elegantly when it’s a wedge instead of a round, but the color is spectacular.  Also a layout of the Way Too Much Food. Center picture, top to bottom, left to right: corn pudding, green bean casserole,  macaroni and cheese, cocktail shrimp (skrimps), McCormick gravy, Cornish hens, ham rolls (with not-ham rolls underneath), stove top stuffing, more Cornish hens, couscous, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, baked brie.  Not featured: cranberry gravy for hens, sweet cranberry sauce, tart cranberry sauce, apple pie.

The dogs could tell we had too much food, but they were very polite about it.  “Please?  Pretty please?”  This is the whole flock, minus me – I don’t have a dog, so I didn’t need to be featured.

Possibly the most note-worthy feat of the day was fitting all the leftovers into the fridge afterwards, which had to be done promptly, since the dogs were trying very hard to be on good behavior and we didn’t want to make that harder…  I was rather proud of myself – I fit everything in, and it didn’t all fall back out again the first time we opened the fridge!

Possibly the best Thanksgiving ever.  Next year, though, I think I’ll host Sister Fest in my own kitchen – this one just a bit too small, especially with dogs underfoot…

Miz P


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