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Thanksgiving Brunch

Thanksgiving this year was an extravaganza of food.  Beginning with The Biggest Little Thanksgiving and followed quickly with this tasty family brunch, the Thankful Holiday ushered in Food Season 2010 with blazing glory.

Everything here was made by someone other than me.  I helped chop ingredients for the quiches and potatoes, and I combined things to make the salads, but none of these creations were my babies.  They were the dream children of my beloved and his amazing sister, who hosted this fabulous brunch in my house and didn’t make me do any of the work.  What a blessing!

We did fill my house with relatives. But they were nice relatives, and we had a grand time, and it was a true test of the entertaining capacity of my home that we fit 10 people (give or take, I’ve lost count by now) in my living room, with plates and chairs and a cat underfoot, and nobody started a food fight or screamed at each other. It can be done!

The quiches were tomato corn, spinach mushroom, and bacon leek, all using a marvelous yogurt base for the custard.  The “recipes” were all designed on the spot by said amazing sister, who has a knack for quiches, if not for everything.  The potatoes, sautéed by my dedicated hubby-to-be, had red, yellow and green peppers and onions.  There was also home-made coleslaw concocted by a newly food-preparing brother, and two salads – micro greens, dried cherries, craisins, pear slices, and one with herbed boursin and one with plain boursin – tossed into bowls by me.  It was quite the family affair.

Oh gosh.  I almost forgot about the biscuits.  Oh, the biscuits.  Nina invented them by taking a steadfast buttermilk biscuit recipe (using yogurt instead of buttermilk, what a lady!) and adding the holiest of ingredients, cheese!  She claims they were supposed to rise more, and blamed it on the cheese, but they were the softest, most delicious biscuits I’ve ever had.  I made them again for Holiday Movie Food Eating Club the following weekend, and mine were even almost as good.  Mmph.

To sum up: when you have relatives who are excellent in the kitchen, by all means let them play there, especially in your own house, where you can sit back and enjoy hostessing because someone else is doing all the real work.  This works best when said someone else actually enjoys this role.

Miz P


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