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Birthday Mac & Cheese

Calin turned 30 today, and when I asked him what he wanted for his birthday dinner (since we do very low key birthdays, and dinner is really all he gets) he said “Mac and cheese!” so fast that I knew I had to cook him the best mac & cheese ever made.  And in order to do that, I knew I had to turn to my friend Ed, who holds the recipe for The Best Mac & Cheese Ever Made.  (The title is not TM, but it should be.)

The recipe isn’t mine to share, but here are the pictures:

I will tell you a secret.  See all that oil bubbling happily away on the surface of the pasta?  That there is black truffle oil. Oh yes. We went there.

There is some seriously cheesy goodness going on here.  In case you hadn’t noticed.  Omnomnomnomnom.

We let my dad have some, too, and he said about three times during the meal “This is the best mac & cheese I have EVER had.”  So, way to go Ed’s miracle recipe, and way to go me, making it for the first time successfully, with a few tweaks, and way to go having tons of leftovers.

Miz P


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