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My House at Halloween, 2011

For some reason I’m not really getting into the holiday season this year.  Typically I love Halloween, and I had big plans to make paper pumpkins and bats and ghosts and tape them in our front window, since we have such a perfect window for it.  But I haven’t really gotten around to it – maybe because of basement work, maybe because I’ve just been really tired (or maybe because instead, I’ve been spending my time cooking things and writing a blog about them…).  Either way, the only Halloween decorations we have this year were lovingly made by Calin’s niece, Ali, who taped them to birthday presents for each of us.  (No, we don’t have Halloween birthdays – either of us – but four-year-olds are allowed to give late presents.)

Anyway, here is our house for Halloween this year:

As usual, Reenie is diligently guarding the candy.

I don’t have a picture, but I do want to point out that, despite slacking off entirely on the home front, I am wearing an orange bandanna with black cats, orange bat troll earrings, and purple suede cowboy boots.  Don’t get me wrong – I’m still into this.


Speaking of holidays, look what I found in my freezer…  (I ate one in dough form first, to make sure they were still good.  They were, so I baked a bunch and then we ate those, too.)  Mmmmm…


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