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Things We Lost in the First Frost

Things we lost to the frost:

Their seasons are over; we will replant or look out for them again next year.  Good bye, Elephant Ear, nasturtium, and watermelon.  Happy sleeping canna and lily of the valley.  It’s been lovely, and you’ll be missed.  For now.

Things that are surprisingly flourishing:

Happy roses – finally.  Just in time to really freeze…  Seriously happy lavender – I have no idea how long that will keep going, but it’s gorgeous.  Newly planted and spontaneously blooming verbena – welcome to the family!  Hydrangeas – lime light and not-lime light, changing colors for fall.  Scabiosa (pincushion flower) sending out new blooms; Stella d’Oro spontaneously reblooming now, when it hasn’t all summer.  Thank you all for giving me one last little bit of growing season before everything hunkers down for winter.


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