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Broccoli Quiche with Homemade Pie Crust

Broccoli Quiche with Homemade Pie Crust – loosely based on the quiche recipe in Nina’s little blue book of awesome recipes:

Three minute pie crust is super simple and really really tasty.  I made this with all olive oil, and it came out a bit rich, so I would recommend vegetable oil instead, or at least only partially olive oil.  I would also recommend rolling out out before putting it in the pie pan – it’s very hard to get the crust thin enough or even enough with your fingers.  (Unfortunately, my rolling pin was recently commandeered for a flooring project, so it is no longer kitchen safe and I had to use my fingers.)  I also highly recommend eating some of the dough raw (I am a self-confessed dough eater, after all) because it’s delicious.

I tried something I’ve been meaning to try for a while – instead of using whole pieces of broccoli, I only used the very ends of the florets, hoping that it would help cut down on the water that bakes out of the quiche.  I’m not sure how well it worked – I still had water, but it didn’t get in the way of the overall texture.  My flavor would have been better if my broccoli had been fresher, also.  As it was, it was a bit lemony (weird) but nice.

I’m fairly sure I always put too much cheese on top.  That’s my theory about why the liquid doesn’t escape enough from my quiches.  (Calin’s theory is that they’re actually meant to be eaten after hours of refrigeration.  But I think anything that you bake should be eaten warm from the oven, if at all possible.) This time, I paused the baking most of the way through and stabbed holes in the cheese crust on top to help more of the steam escape.  I have no idea if it worked.  If it did, there was a whole lot more water in there than I thought – because there was still quite a bit left when I decided it was done.

Because of the liquid issue, I also always end up overbaking my quiches.  I never feel like they are cooked enough because I can tell there is all that water sloshing around in there.  So the crusts end up crispy, and the insides end up…quichy.  That part usually turns out fine. So maybe it’s all in my head.

Doesn’t look so bad, does it?  It was actually pretty good, although the crust was seriously rich and the broccoli was a bit strong.  It also made excellent lunch leftovers.

Cheater’s Pie Crust
makes 1 9″ pie crust

  • 2 c. flour
  • 1 T. sugar
  • 1 t. salt
  • 1/2 c. oil (not all olive)
  • 1/4 c. milk
  1. Mix dry ingredients.
  2. Stir in oil and milk.
  3. Stir until you can kneed into a ball.
  4. Place in pie dish and press into place.
  5. Poke with fork and prebake 10 minutes before filling and baking.

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