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Fall Bulbs – It’s Time To Dig

Here’s a few pictures  of all the bulbs I ordered this year. There are lots of them.  Lots and lots and lots.  I’m very excited.

This is all of them:

This is them so you can almost read the tags:

Sadly, I planted most of these over the past few weekends, and I came out one morning to discover that SOMEONE or SOMETHING dug up about 10 of my daffodil bulbs.  I know this because they left the bulbs there, sitting neatly on top of the piles of dirt where they used to be buried.  This leads me to believe that my SOMEONE or SOMETHING might be a skunk, or possibly a squirrel.  A skunk would have been looking for grubs, and would have thought that my nicely tilled soil meant food was moving around in there – he wouldn’t have been interested in my bulbs.  A squirrel would have known full well that there were bulbs in there, and would have been very excited, but then would have gotten down there and discovered that they were daffodil bulbs – egads! – and therefore Not Tasty At All.  Oh well.  I dug them all back in loosely this morning, hoped they were deep enough, and went to wash my hands before I ran off to work.

EDIT: Confirmed – the culprit is a skunk.  I came home and found him happy eating birdseed in the front yard one evening.

We’ll just have to hope and pray and wait to see what actually comes up in the Spring, but I have high hopes.  I planted enough of these things that some of them have to come up.

Charlotte also gave me a bunch of crocosmia bulbs, rumored to be red, which is good because I only have orange and yellow.  I planted those weeks ago and they actually stayed planted.  I guess nobody likes those.

Here are the photos of what I’ve planted this fall, from the nursery websites:

From Brent & Becky’s Bulbs:

From Plant Delights Nursery (not bulbs):

From John Scheepers:

And, just for fun, here’s a late Canna “arrangement” I made:


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