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Zombie Penguins

I have weird hobbies…  These little guys now are available in my Etsy shop!

I’m actually not very big on zombies.  Zombie movies scare the bujeezus out of me – more so than almost any other kind of weird-thing horror movies (I will readily admit that horror movies in general are…not my thing).  But for some reason I am really into little zombie animals.  When I made  Steve the Zombie Sheep as a gift for a friend a bit ago, I didn’t know it was going to become a theme – but somehow the idea of tiny zombie animals stuck in my mind and I just kept making them.

I’ve been making clay things for decades.  I made clay fruits and vegetables when I was about 5, and my parents loved them and kept them in the window sill in our kitchen like real food.  Later, those original creations made their way into our annual holiday Sculpey scene – a recurring theme, actually, because you can always tell which ones I’ve made by their total lack of association with Christmas.  (The scene currently features such novelties as a sink with a ducky scrub brush, a bath tub, and a vacuum.  There is also a ghost, but it could be argued that he is appropriate.)  I’ll post pictures of this year’s assembled scene in a few weeks.

Last year for Christmas I made the most adorable clay creatures I’ve ever imagined.  They were brilliant, and totally loveable, and I gave them all away to family (I couldn’t bear to let them out of my close circle – I need to be able to visit them!).  In the Spring, I made a series of not-zombie sheep, ducks, piggies, and strange little birds.  (I did also sneak in a few zombie sheep.)  Now, in time for Thanksgiving, I’ve made a new series of zombies – penguins with accessories!  I’m planning to expand the series, because for some reason zombie penguins really crack me up, but for now there are only three.

Zombie Penguin with Bone Flipper

Zombie Penguin with Gangrene Flipper

Zombie Penguin with Dead Fish


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