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Line-Item Thanksgiving – Turkey Day (with no turkey)

Extravagant Thanksgiving 2011!

Last year, my sister and I cooked the Biggest Little Thanksgiving in her tiny kitchen in Baltimore.  We had such a ball that we wanted to do it again this year – but this time, we decided we needed a bit more space.  So we told everyone that we were posting up at my house this year, and anyone who wanted to could come by, but we were not going to leave until everything had been cooked and eaten.

Since we had a bigger kitchen, we decided we could make a bigger feast.  We were very optimistic.  Here’s the original list:

  • pumpkin mac & cheese
  • sweet potato biscuits
  • chive & parsley mashed potatoes
  • ham rolls
  • stuffing
  • cranberry sauce
  • bird of some kind
  • baked brie
  • corn pudding
  • gravy
  • apple pie
  • apple pie cookies
  • sweet potato casserole
  • green bean casserole
  • pumpkin chocolate chip cookies

Several things happened.  First, our attendees for the day ended up being us and our mother.  Second, mom decided she was making the apple pie (whew!).  Third, we kept getting…distracted…by all the cooking.

Here is the reality of our cooking:

  • pumpkin mac & cheese – used my mom’s traditional recipe, but added pumpkin and chicken apple sausage
  • sweet potato biscuits – totally forgot to make these
  • chive & parsley mashed potatoes – used Alice’s recipe, but didn’t do it quite right so they were a bit bland
  • ham rolls – used hawaiian rolls; these were awesome
  • stuffing – new recipe; really tasty
  • cranberry sauce – new recipe; stole the show – most difficult and best cranberry sauce ever
  • bird of some kind – failed on this at the grocery store; lost patience with trying to find bird and skipped it
  • baked brie – totally forgot to make this
  • corn pudding – used my traditional recipe but doubled it; made way too much, but still awesome
  • gravy – lost momentum; used packaged brown gravy
  • apple pie – mom made this with a new recipe that was incredible, and will probably kill us
  • apple pie cookies – skipped these
  • sweet potato casserole – new recipe; super tasty
  • green bean casserole – accidentally the same recipe as last year; mediocre and didn’t cook it long enough
  • pumpkin chocolate chip cookies  – forgot to make these; finally made them last night and they taste more like muffins than cookies, but very tasty

I’m going to do a feature on each of the things we did actually end up making (minus the ham rolls, since there really wasn’t a whole lot of cooking there…) but I wanted to give you the grand picture first.  We had so much fun.  And my feet hurt so much. And the fridge was sooooooo full…


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