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Happy New Year

Since this is my first post in the new year, I want it to be special. Unfortunately, I haven’t done anything exciting in the kitchen or the garden recently, so instead of wasting this moment on an ordinary post, I’m going to spend a bit of time writing about time.

2011 was an active year.  It held not only my own wedding, but the weddings of several of my closest friends.  It included the birth of one friend’s beautiful new baby, Eleni, and the pregnancy of my beloved Alice, who will have her own beautiful new baby (currently called Groucho) very soon.  It traveled the world – from home sweet home to Massachusetts and Maine, and then to France, Italy and Monaco on an extravagant sailing cruise.  It welcomed a new kitten, and watched as he grew into a holy terror of a teenage cat; it gave my older cat the time she needed to adjust to her new little brother, and to become a braver, more social member of our family. It helped bring our basement renovation to very-near completion, and suggested new projects for the new year.  It introduced us to new friends, and brought the expectation of having old friends closer by.   It gave us a chance to play the family balancing game yet again, but in new ways.

2012 promises to be equally amazing.  We are looking forward to meeting Groucho without a wall of skin between us, to finishing the basement renovation and starting the next round of updates, to watching how last year’s pantings impact this year’s garden, to opening new doors and finding new projects.  We are looking forward to the bustle, but also looking forward to having a bit more time to relax. We are looking forward to reaping the benefits of our new home theater by making our friends come to us.

For 2012, I’m setting the following goals:
– I will plan healthy meals, and plan ahead so that every day’s meals are not a struggle.
– I will be more active, not just in the garden but in actual exercise, so that I no longer feel like a slug.
– I will balance my social time (last year’s resolution was to leave the house more – bah!) with my quiet time, and I will read more of the books on my “to read” list.
– I will spend less money and get more out of it.
– I will be less of a pack rat, and find more things that I’m finally ready to part with.
– I will spend more time in my garden just enjoying things.

New Years is a bittersweet time.  Another year is gone; another era of life is past.  My childhood is one year farther away in my memory.  I get past the melancholy by looking forward to new beginnings.  There are so many exciting things to come; some things I know about, but some things will leap out to surprise me in the moment.  Right now, I’m dreaming of daffodils.

How about you?  What are your goals for the new year? What are you reminiscing about, and what are you looking forward to?



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