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Garden Haul

The garden crept up on me this year…

June 12

Just a few peppers (purple bell and sweet banana)

June 27

Green bell, purple bell, the first tomato, and some basil.

Calin also learned how to make windex-colored margaritas.  They’re actually pretty tasty.

June 29

The day before we left for Maine, we discovered we had a cucumber problem.  We called in backup eaters for assistance.

July 13

Back from Maine and ready for anything.

Well, okay, maybe not ready for quite this much anything.  Yes, that is a normal sized dish rack entirely filled with garden produce.

July 17

The tomatoes have really started to kick into gear.

This was one of the only Virginia Sweet tomatoes I’ve managed to harvest before the ants/bugs/whatever got it.

July 21

Anybody want some cucumbers? Or tomatoes? Or banana peppers?

July 25

I started picking the Virginia Sweets well before they were ripe to try to get past the bug problem.  They really are super sweet, so I guess the bugs like them more than other tomatoes.

July 29

The roma tomatoes also seem to attract bugs, so I’ve been picking them in the orange-pink zone and bringing them in.  It does make the rainbow more evenly distributed.

July 31

This is inside one of those Virginia Sweets.  Pretty cool, right?

Also, we have a tomato problem.

August 2

Peppers galore.  I keep the sweets separate from the hots because I don’t particularly want to catch on fire by accident.

The little red ones are serano peppers, and the dark green ones keeping them company are poblanos.  The poblanos are smoky hot; the seranos will make you wish you didn’t have taste buds.  And then you’ll realize you don’t anymore.  And don’t even think about touching your eyes.

August 9

The Carmens are really coming into their own.  These are the sweetest red peppers I’ve ever had – they grow well, they seem to be bug resistant, and they taste phenomenal.  Also, if you pick them slightly underripe and sautee them, they turn bright blue.  Pretty cool, right? (Correction – it turns out the peppers that turn bright blue are actually the purple bells, not the Carmens.  Still pretty cool, though.)

August 11

Another rainbow of produce.  This is close to the end of the banana peppers, but everything else is still going strong. (Another correction – this was just a lull in the banana peppers.  I got another 30+ pepper batch in October.)

Stay tuned for some posts about how I’m finally using up some of my extra produce!


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