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Fun at the Kids’ Table

We had a work dinner at the C&O Restaurant.  Work dinners when the whole office is in town have developed the tradition of the “kids’ table”.  The kids’ table is the fun one, so obviously that’s where I sit.

I didn’t make any of this meal, but I sure ate a lot of it.  De-lish.  Here are the details…

I may have been a little obsessed with the salt bowl with its teeny tiny spoon. I was not as obsessed as Katie was, but I did get a little carried away.

For size reference – a normal teaspoon, and a normal human thumb.  (As opposed to the less normal kind of human thumbs.) (Thumb courtesy of Patrick)

Neat butter thing with patterned butter.  You know you’re at a fancy restaurant when…

Neat Cream Thingy (Technically this was after dinner, but I figured I’d start with a compilation of all the neat things.) (Pouring courtesy of Patrick)

The Menu (photo courtesy of Katie)

The Meal


baby arugala with mango, local chevre, Marcona almonds and cilantro-lime vinaigrette


Roasted Atlantic salmon with basmati rice and tamarind-ginger salsa

Roasted Atlantic salmon photo-bombed by Kelsey…

Chicken Marsala with basmati rice and asparagus

Tornedos of Beef with C&O potatoes, port-sherry sauce and seasonal vegetables

As an aside “tornedos” apparently are a real thing that just mean “part of the tenderloin” and do not in any way mean a dangerous, swirling storm. We were so disappointed.  (Also, according to the internet, it should be spelled “tournedos”.)

Seasonal local vegetable Wellington with salsa verde and tomato coulis  (photo courtesy of Kim)

After the Salmon


Belgian chocolate dipped strawberries, Russian tea cakes, Chocolate espresso brownies, and ripe berry tartlets  (photo courtesy of Katie)

Remember how I said Katie loved the tiny spoon more than I did?  Katie’s dessert, eaten with tiny spoon (which we had to hide from the waiter so that he wouldn’t remove it before the dessert course):


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  1. Oh yum! I lurve the C&O!

    October 1, 2012 at 8:03 pm

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