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Chalkboard Contact Paper and Loose Leaf Tea

I discovered chalkboard contact paper sometime last year, on Shelterrific, who in turn apparently got it from ModFruGal, who I don’t follow but I clearly should. (Remedying that right now…)

Chalkboard paper comes in 18″ by 6′ rolls, like all contact paper, and you can cut it down to any size you want.  At first, I used it to label things. Lots of things. I labeled my clear counter-top containers that you can already see through, and can probably already tell what’s in them (maybe overkill?). I labeled my canning with the contents and can date (definitely not overkill – who the heck can remember when you canned something?). I labeled the coffee in the freezer so we could tell the difference between hazelnut and regular, because I know a few people who are militantly opposed to flavored coffee (with good reason) and I would hate to incur their wrath inadvertently by failing to properly distinguish.

And then, just this weekend, I realized I could also do this:

Every time I buy loose leaf tea, it sits in a weird little plastic bag in the cabinet looking a bit shoddy. But I am a scrounger, and I am completely incapable of throwing out useful containers, so I had several Zena tea tins sitting around with nothing in them. I haven’t used them for anything before because I keep forgetting what I put in them…

Now, I have two neatly labeled tea containers that actually tell me what’s in them, that I can actually fit a spoon into to measure out my tea without accidentally throwing it all over the counter (hopefully), and they stack in the cabinet! And since I’ve also just discovered that my friendly neighborhood grocery store of awesomeness (C’ville Market, in case you aren’t a local) carries Numi loose leaf tea, I can now keep myself well and tidily stocked!

Right now I have Numi Golden Chai, and Emerald Lily, which was a tea party present from my friend Lee. (In case you’re wondering, the chai is a light, less-sweet tea, and the Emerald Lily – helpfully labeled for me by Lee as having “notes of toasted chesnut and wild orchid” – is also light, a bit fruity, and really wonderful. It’s a perfect tea party tea!)  But the amazing part is that I could have anything!  When I run out of these, I can just erase and write again!

Another discovery I made recently, after another of my epiphanies that something should exist and then a tiny bit of research revealed that it already did, was tea filters. These are exactly like coffee filters (can you see where my epiphany might have happened?) except they’re little bags to put loose leaf tea in!

Never again will I have to accidentally drink soggy tea leaves when I forget to pour through a strainer. (Although I do have some amazingly cute little tea strainers. And tea balls – but the problem with tea balls is that you always end up with some particulate, which I don’t enjoy. The tea filters keep it all in the bag!)

I found the chalkboard contact paper on Amazon. It’s only available in one size, so if you need something wider than 18″ or longer than 6′, you’ll have to do a little more research. (We recently needed 21″ paper, and ended up with this vinyl film, also on Amazon. It hasn’t come yet, so I can’t tell you how it compares.

The tea filters came from a local grocery store, Foods of All Nations, which also has an excellent tea selection.

Happy chalkboarding and tea drinking!


2 responses

  1. Try making loose leaf tea in the french press! I swear that I can taste tea bags and coffee filters.

    November 12, 2012 at 10:01 pm

    • Vicky I have tried the french press – and it works better than some of my tea paraphernalia, but I still generally end up with some level of silt. But that might also be because I use the inferior french press for tea (the nice one tastes like coffee – ick!). I’ll give it another shot. But I haven’t really noticed a flavor from tea bags or filters – maybe because I usually add milk?

      November 12, 2012 at 10:34 pm

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