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‘Twas the Thursday Before Christmas (a hot chocolate and cookies story)

It’s almost here – the impending family, friends, food coma, and gift wrap extravaganza that is Christmas. And in our time of frantic shopping, wrapping, planning, decorating, baking, preparing, I thought I’d share a calm moment of bliss.

Nothing could be more holiday-appropriate than peppermint hot chocolate with under-baked chewy chocolate triple-gingerbread. So take a quick break from your high pressure schedule and cozy down with a warm drink, some cookies, and a loved one. Take a moment to appreciate a few smooth creamy sips before the sugar rush kicks in and you slam back into the ever-hectic Now.

If you’re feeling decadent, you could even pull out that milk frother you bought years ago but have only used twice. When’s a better time than the Thursday before Christmas?  ―When all through the house every creature is busily shuffling tissue paper and curling ribbons, counting labels and triple checking the list to make sure no one is missing.


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