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Cupcake Friday, New Year’s Edition: Eggnog Cupcakes – Bird on a Cake

This is a bit of a last minute post – I’ve been off work since the Friday before Christmas, and the 11 day vacation is starting to go to my head.  Or maybe it’s just the amount of “family time” involved in the first half of that vacation.  Don’t get me wrong – I love my family, but my sense of timing and days of the week is a bit off right now…  Sleeping until 8:30 and making coffee for sisters and husbands at 10:00 really throws me off. (Okay, really only one sister and one husband.)

Anyway, it’s apparently Friday, and I nearly missed it.  Just like I missed wishing everyone a merry Christmas and happy Solstice and all the other holidays we cram into this time of the year.  (Here, I’ll make it up to you via a quote from some of my favorite holiday cards this year: Merry Everything, Happy Always!)  But no, I can’t miss Cupcake Friday!  So here I am, in my pjs, getting ready to settle down in my scrumptious, pre-warmed bed with The Hobbit and my Elinor Sheep, and instead I’m writing you your Cupcake Friday post.  Don’t you feel loved?

I’ve been saving this one for you.  Some people think that Eggnog is a Christmas treat, but for me it’s honestly more associated with New Years.  I’m actually not sure why – maybe because until recently I didn’t drink eggnog at all, so my Christmas doesn’t have that affiliation?  But recently I’ve been introduced to some phenomenal eggnogs, homemade by clever, delicious-drink-concocting individuals, that makes me wonder why I avoided eggnog for all those years.  (Could it have had anything to do with all of those five-syllable words on the carton ingredients list?)

So for today’s Cupcake Friday, half way between Christmas and New Year’s, I bring you Eggnog Cupcakes with Nutmeg Frosting, from Bird On A Cake.

This lovely cupcake post talks about people who love eggnog and people who don’t, and how these cupcakes just might change your mind. As a recent eggnog convert, I would guess that I’d have made my conversion earlier if these had showed up along the way. And I’m 100% certain that if you used a homemade eggnog instead of store-bought (the recipe doesn’t specify), you’d be hooked on these as a holiday treat for life.  (Unless you’re just one of those people who don’t like eggnog, I guess…)

Happy Weekend, everybody.  And in case I miss it, Happy New Year!  I’ll be back sometime next week to tell you about my favorite kitchen-related presents and my personal New Year’s goals.


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