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Spring Comes Early

My fears for our incredibly mild winter (knock on skull) seem to have been unwarranted. (I say this writing now, barely into March, when winter could come and hit us at any time, and all evidence could be buried.) These are photos of my garden from January 28th – evidence of Springtime only one week after our mini-ice storm.  (Yes, yes, I’m getting behind.) Following so closely on the heals of our mini-ice storm, my garden seems to be happily chugging along on its annual schedule, only perhaps a few weeks early.



What Happens Without Winter: Part 1

Since apparently we are not going to have a winter this year, and my entire yard is convinced that we are part way through March and headed into April, I thought it was about time I got back to my gardening posts. I’m a little unclear on where this will all end up, and I confess I’m more concerned than excited by the fact that we appear to be headed for spring two months early.

The lowest temperature we’ve gotten so far this year in the “city” was 14 degrees, which was a shock, but is no where near as cold as it is supposed to get around here in the wintertime. But it hasn’t just been warm. The weather this winter has been verging on schizophrenic, or at least bipolar. Let me recap the weather since New Year’s for you: (more…)

Fall Bulbs – It’s Time To Dig

Here’s a few pictures  of all the bulbs I ordered this year. There are lots of them.  Lots and lots and lots.  I’m very excited.

This is all of them: