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Garden Haul

The garden crept up on me this year…

June 12

Just a few peppers (purple bell and sweet banana)

June 27

Green bell, purple bell, the first tomato, and some basil.

Calin also learned how to make windex-colored margaritas.  They’re actually pretty tasty.



Veggies Take Over The World, or, Tiny Farm Gone Wild

What a difference a few months can make!  Last year, my veggie beds were rapidly overrun by grass and weeds; the lawnmower couldn’t fit between them, and the plants were all trying to escape.  They still came out okay, but there were so many disappointments that we were determined to do this year’s beds differently.  In mid-April, Calin decided to rebuilding my beds for me from scratch.  We decided to model them on the old ones but take pointers from several internet sources.  So we got some solid white pine (cedar is too expensive, and pressure treated is a really, really bad idea – especially for edibles!), and he got to work making me bigger, better beds.

It took a few hundred dollars of wood and crazy deck screws and landscaping fabric, and about two weeks (with our time constraints) to get them all built, but in the end they were substantially larger, tall enough that the grass won’t just grow in the sides, and just generally much better.  (I know it doesn’t look like it in this picture – our lawn mower broke, so this is with three weeks of grass growth under steady, growth-inducing rain.)  We lined the bottoms with landscape fabric – wrapped up the outside – so that the crab grass will stay out longer (hopefully forever), and we cut them into the hillside farther apart and actually level. We also made sure that the top sides were much farther above ground level, so the yard won’t take over the beds from the top. (more…)

A Busy Year

How did we get to the middle of October? I’m looking back at my posts for the year and I was doing pretty well for a while there, keeping up with things.  The last post before this week was me talking about how I wanted to do one post a week.  Ha.  But it has been a very busy year for us – wedding after wedding and then OUR wedding (which was a whole week instead of the usual weekend) and our honeymoon and basement work.  And on top of that it just hasn’t been the best weather this year – which never helps me want to do anything.  Mostly I’ve been sleeping.

Here are some of the highlights you’ve missed in the past few months: