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Happy Thanksgiving

I am thankful for…

A place at this table.

A huge network of love and support.

Food glorious food.

My amazing, incredible, beautiful little family.

What are you thankful for?


‘Twas the Thursday Before Christmas (a hot chocolate and cookies story)

It’s almost here – the impending family, friends, food coma, and gift wrap extravaganza that is Christmas. And in our time of frantic shopping, wrapping, planning, decorating, baking, preparing, I thought I’d share a calm moment of bliss.

Nothing could be more holiday-appropriate than peppermint hot chocolate with under-baked chewy chocolate triple-gingerbread. So take a quick break from your high pressure schedule and cozy down with a warm drink, some cookies, and a loved one. Take a moment to appreciate a few smooth creamy sips before the sugar rush kicks in and you slam back into the ever-hectic Now.

If you’re feeling decadent, you could even pull out that milk frother you bought years ago but have only used twice. When’s a better time than the Thursday before Christmas?  ―When all through the house every creature is busily shuffling tissue paper and curling ribbons, counting labels and triple checking the list to make sure no one is missing.

Thanksgiving: Broccoli Cheese Casserole

This year for Thanksgiving (yes, I’m finally getting around to the Thanksgiving posts), we initially decided we would be making “green bean casserole that doesn’t suck”. Two years in a row we have made green bean casserole that does suck, and for some strange reason for the third year we decided maybe we should do something different. Who knows – maybe we’re just tired of not wanting to eat our greens?

The broccoli casserole is on the right side, around the middle.

I looked around for alternative recipes and actually found a few that looked promising, but then I found this recipe in my new Joy of Cooking cookbook (there’s a story behind that – I promise I’ll tell you later) and thought maybe the solution to green bean casserole that doesn’t suck was to skip the green beans! We all love broccoli (and anyone who doesn’t should learn – it’s the vegetable of champions), and we definitely all love cheese, so really how could we go wrong?


Thanksgiving 2012: A Survival Guide

Well, we made it.  I feel a bit as if I’ve just emerged from a food-coma-induced cloud, only to discover that someone filled my fridge with delicious leftovers.

Since this is my third annual Biggest Little Thanksgiving, I thought I had this down.  I thought that making a ton of food was making a ton of food; because it is, isn’t it?  I failed to take into account two important factors: 1) the size/quantity of the bird(s), and 2) people, and therefore time.


Election Crêpes!

Do not be fooled by their ordinary appearance.  These are not everyday crepes.  These are…

Dun dun dun…

Election Crêpes!

Otherwise previously known as Thanksgiving Crêpes.  (And that’s where you can find the recipe, in case you were wondering.)

May also be used for any special occasion.  Or just for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or dessert.


Cookie Season Begins: A Brief Look at Snickerdoodles

Today, after a hard day of moving an office, Calin requested cookies. Then he advised me that he would even help me make them, and that I could listen to Christmas music while we made them, just this once, if I wanted.  (Please keep in mind that it is still October, in case I take forever to actually post this.)

I asked him if he was sick, or if he had been abducted and replaced.

And thus, cookie season begins.


Red Pepper Jelly

This year for Christmas presents I made my traditional mustard (yes it counts as a tradition after one year), and then I came into an unexpected windfall.  Out to dinner one night with Calin’s father at a fabulous local restaurant, I asked the waiter on a whim if I could have the recipes for the red pepper jelly they serve with their zucchini corn fritters.  Shockingly, the waiter thought for a minute, then said “Sure, I don’t see why not. It’s not a secret!” And then he brought me a well-edited sheet with the recipe and quite a few illegible notes, a piece of paper, and a pen.

The way the restaurant makes it is not quite the way it should be made for canning, so I had to make some changes.  The first batch definitely turned out more like a sauce – not enough pectin, and not cooked long enough.  The recipe specifies a temperature, which so far I have never quite been able to reach, so I just got as close as I could.  The second time I got a bit closer; the third time I got impatient and didn’t even get that far.  They are all fine, but the ultimate liquidity has been a total variable.  I’m going to keep experimenting with how much pectin I use, and how long I cook it (since I think that’s the solution to the temperature problem, maybe?).