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Cupcake Friday: Blackberry & Mint Chocolate Muffins – Baking Serendipity

This is harder than it looks, guys.  Where do we find the time? Even something as simple as Cupcake Friday – where I didn’t do any baking and I didn’t do any photographing, and all I’m doing is lusting after somebody else’s delicious creation – has proven too difficult to maintain.  Every evening feels like a Friday, but every morning feels like a Monday.  This die-hard tea drinker is now a coffee drinker because let’s face it, it’s faster, easier, and has more caffeine.

Anyway, cupcakes!  This week I’m cheating a little – these call themselves muffins.  But who do they think they’re fooling?  These are muffins in the sense that any cupcake without frosting is a muffin.  (And by Patrick’s logic, that means we can have cupcakes for breakfast.)  These make me think of the amazing chocolate soufflé I had at dinner the other night at Fleurie…  But here, before I get too distracted, why don’t I just show you?

Blackberry and Mint Chocolate Muffins by Baking Serendipity

Don’t you want to eat one of these right this second?  I do.  I want to eat five.  (Three for me, two for the baby in a few hours.  She only gets two because she’s little.)  Oh man, this makes me think of my other incredibly exciting discovery of the week – another Smitten Kitchen Awesomeness – Everyday Chocolate Cake.  I might have a chocolate problem.  But does it get more delicious?

Actually, this reminds me of a question I’ve asked myself far too many times now.  What’s the last food you would ever consider giving up?  What’s the food that makes life worth living?  For me, it’s a hard call between chocolate and cheese, but I think cheese wins due to its versatility.  But obviously I can’t fully commit to that, since I keep asking the question.  What’s your one thing?


The Swing of Things – Breakfast Blueberry Muffins and Moming

I went back to work full time after New Year, and all my hopes for keeping up with this blog have been dashed.  To all of you bloggers out there who are parents and have full time jobs and still manage to post regularly, I salute you! I have no idea how you do it – my day consists of working, nursing, and getting all the housework done after the baby goes to bed.  Where the blog fits, I have no idea.  For that matter, where cooking fits is a bit of a mystery as well.

Tonight after bedtime, I decided it was high time to resuscitate one of my favorite recipes – Whole Grain Blueberry Muffins, which are healthy enough that they can be considered a legitimate breakfast food, and which a friend recently pointed out also contain flax and oatmeal, both of which helps with milk production (TMI for you non-moms out there, right?).  My other favorite blueberry muffin recipe can’t pass for anything other than dessert, and doesn’t help with nursing, so it’ll have to wait for another day – and I have to applaud my own fortitude on that front, because I found that recipe first while digging for this one, and talked myself out of it.

These muffins are ridiculously easy, especially since I discovered that I’d already ground a bunch of oats, so I didn’t even use the food processor this time.  I just mixed all the flours, blended the dries, whisked the wets, combined, folded in the blueberries, and baked.  As easy as muffins!  They’re sitting on my stove now, cooling from the oven, and they smell delicious. Almost delicious enough to make me excited about tomorrow morning – but no, I’d still rather stay in bed (which, needless to say, is no longer an option either now that I have a 4 month old).

What are your favorite week-day breakfast foods? How do you get through the work week morning routine?

Blueberry Muffins

I made these amazing muffins a few weeks ago, but I haven’t had a chance to post them yet.  Just looking through the pictures is making me hungry – I might have to make them again this week!

I have a serious soft spot for blueberries. One of my neighbors growing up was a pick-your-own blueberries (and raspberries and blackberries) farm, which was always fantastic on those long summer days when I wasn’t in school.  It’s much harder to make it out there now that I’m working during normal business hours, but I fantasize about pints and pints of blueberries, and I drool over any recipe with blueberry in the name (or ingredients list).   I recently discovered a list of favorite blueberry recipes on Sweet Pea’s Kitchen (the list is at the end of her post on Individual Blueberry Buckles – every single one of them looks incredible) and nearly went mad trying to pick one to make RIGHT NOW.  (Look out for a post on this disastrous attempt later this week…)


Breakfast Blueberry Muffins

I have recently started on a mission to eat healthier meals.  Breakfast is a big challenge for us, as I believe I discussed in my “Gourmet” Breakfast Sandwiches post, because all I want to do in the mornings is sleep, so actually preparing something is not really a viable option.  Whatever we eat on a weekday morning has to already be put together.  The most I will do is put it in the toaster and spread butter, or spoon it into a bowl.

When I found this recipe on Real Simple, I was excited to try it out.  (Fortunately I didn’t read the reviews – not very positive!)  The ingredients weren’t things I had in my pantry already, but they were easy enough to find.  I even found the Flax Seed at Giant, which was a surprise.  I don’t believe in nuts, so I skipped the pecans entirely and used extra flax seed and extra oats instead.  For the blueberries, I found frozen Maine blueberries, which are smaller and sweeter and taste delicious in a muffin. (more…)