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Three Pizzas, One Amazing Dough Recipe

On this fantastically rainy day, it seems like time to start posting on my poor, neglected blog again.  This is one I wrote months ago and never remembered to post!


I love pizza. I’m a total sucker for the kind with really thick, cheesy crust and just a bit too much sugar in the dough and sauce, aka the kind they deliver to your door, aka Papa John’s.  But making my own pizza dough has a lot of appeal, too.  I get to play with flour, I get to make as much pizza as I want, and I get to brag about how I made my own pizza.  Also, the calories only count half as much if you make it from scratch, right?



Pizza Dough For Company

We were supposed to have spaghetti, but then I invited my dad and his girlfriend for dinner, and she is vegetarian. So we decided to have pizza rather than try to make an interesting sauce without meat (we have these issues in our house, now that one of us is a meatatarian…).  Which meant I had to make pizza dough.  Which is fun, but last time I think my yeast was old because I really don’t think it rose at all.  This time… My yeast was definitely still good.


A Busy Year

How did we get to the middle of October? I’m looking back at my posts for the year and I was doing pretty well for a while there, keeping up with things.  The last post before this week was me talking about how I wanted to do one post a week.  Ha.  But it has been a very busy year for us – wedding after wedding and then OUR wedding (which was a whole week instead of the usual weekend) and our honeymoon and basement work.  And on top of that it just hasn’t been the best weather this year – which never helps me want to do anything.  Mostly I’ve been sleeping.

Here are some of the highlights you’ve missed in the past few months: