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Asparagus and Chicken Sausage Quiche

Quiche is one of the things that I always wish I made more often.  Since I now have the world’s fastest and easiest pie crust recipe thanks to my awesome sister-in-law, and I have the world’s most fool-proof (you would think…) quiche filling recipe, I really have no excuse.  So this week, we embarked on another quichey adventure.

The pie crust recipe makes enough for one 9-inch pie pan, but I really like thinner pie crusts, so I typically end up with too much dough.  This time, I solved that problem by doubling the recipe and making three quiches (well, okay, two and a tiny) instead of one.  My filling problem, oddly, goes the other direction – probably because I actually have a 9 1/2 inch deep dish pie pan.  So in order to make enough filling for all three quiches, I basically faked it in the realm of 2 1/2 times the recipe.



Broccoli Quiche with Homemade Pie Crust

Broccoli Quiche with Homemade Pie Crust – loosely based on the quiche recipe in Nina’s little blue book of awesome recipes:

Three minute pie crust is super simple and really really tasty.  I made this with all olive oil, and it came out a bit rich, so I would recommend vegetable oil instead, or at least only partially olive oil.  I would also recommend rolling out out before putting it in the pie pan – it’s very hard to get the crust thin enough or even enough with your fingers.  (Unfortunately, my rolling pin was recently commandeered for a flooring project, so it is no longer kitchen safe and I had to use my fingers.)  I also highly recommend eating some of the dough raw (I am a self-confessed dough eater, after all) because it’s delicious. (more…)

Thanksgiving Brunch

Thanksgiving this year was an extravaganza of food.  Beginning with The Biggest Little Thanksgiving and followed quickly with this tasty family brunch, the Thankful Holiday ushered in Food Season 2010 with blazing glory.

Everything here was made by someone other than me.  I helped chop ingredients for the quiches and potatoes, and I combined things to make the salads, but none of these creations were my babies.  They were the dream children of my beloved and his amazing sister, who hosted this fabulous brunch in my house and didn’t make me do any of the work.  What a blessing!



Quiche is one of my favorite things.  Calin and I make quiche all the time, especially since Pillsbury packaged pie crust is so cheap and easy (and comes in twos, so you have to make it twice as often).  Until recently, I’d never made my own pie crust ever, for anything, despite being told time after time after time that it’s incredibly easy and I should do it.