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Two Years! Woo!

Holy Moly!  I was sitting here thinking “hmm, I know I missed the 1 year anniversary of LivingWithPurple, but I wonder when the 2 year anniversary is? I should have a post for it!” So I went and looked, and it turns out that…

LivingWithPurple is two years old TODAY!  (On WordPress, anyway.)

Happy birthday to my blog,  happy birthday to my blog, happy birthday dear bloggy-blog, happy birthday to you!

And to help celebrate, I give you: a cat on a hat!

Thanks for reading!

Miz Purplest


10 Hour Chicken

In keeping with the whole chicken theme, here’s a recipe I made quite a while ago that never actually made it up here. This is another one from Gwyneth Paltrow’s cookbook that looked simple enough to try, and it turned out really well, which substantially less raw chicken dissection involved.  But it did still involve sticking things inside an empty chicken.  (Bleh – just that phrase “empty chicken” makes me squig. You?)

Looks simple enough, right?  I’ll spare you the gory parts – all I really had to do was give the chicken a salt rub and towel it dry.  Not so bad.  Oh, but I have another story for you later. (more…)