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Thanksgiving 2012: A Survival Guide

Well, we made it.  I feel a bit as if I’ve just emerged from a food-coma-induced cloud, only to discover that someone filled my fridge with delicious leftovers.

Since this is my third annual Biggest Little Thanksgiving, I thought I had this down.  I thought that making a ton of food was making a ton of food; because it is, isn’t it?  I failed to take into account two important factors: 1) the size/quantity of the bird(s), and 2) people, and therefore time.



Honey Challah Rolls (for ham)

Calin loves ham rolls. Mostly he loves ham, but he does usually want to eat it on something, and ham rolls are the ideal.  At the grocery store this weekend, I bought a rotisserie chicken that came with a free 4-pack of hawaiian rolls.  I generally consider hawaiian rolls the best possible (store-bought) roll for ham rolls, and we happened to have some leftover Virginia ham from Yoder’s Country Market (best ham ever for ham roll purposes).  It was all a set-up.

Hubby decided one stormy morning that what he wanted for dinner that night was ham rolls.  But the hawaiian rolls were only a 4-pack, like I said, and they’re small enough that that’s not really enough for dinner.  So I said I’d make rolls, and we could have home-made ham rolls to supplement the hawaiian rolls.  I underestimated the appeal of fresh-from-the-oven rolls, clearly.  The hawaiian rolls are still sitting in their package on the counter, and these honey challah rolls are gone.

They were almost gone instantly, actually.  I made us stop while there were still enough left to pack some for lunch the next day.  It was an intervention.


Pretzel Dogs

I’ve been worse than usual about posting lately, possibly because there is a new baby (not mine) in my life taking up lots of time, or possibly because it’s been beautiful weather and the flowers are bursting and I’ve been spending tons of time in my yard.  Or (most likely) because I am essentially a lazy person and I can’t be trusted to stick with something as benign and undemanding as what essentially amounts to a journal for longer than few months consistently.  I’m trying, I promise.  I love my posts, and I love sharing with you, I just wish they would write themselves while I think them.

You can basically assume that anything I post here in the next few months was done weeks before, and I have only the vaguest memory of what I actually did (and if I’m lucky, I’ll actually remember what recipe I used).  So, that said…

A while ago, I made these pretzel dogs:

They were awesome.  Comparatively easy, and really tasty.  Calin didn’t like them as much as I did because, as he says, he doesn’t like the “baking soda flavor” that home-made recipes use to create the pretzel effect.  I happen to love it, and he didn’t mind it, so I’ll probably make these again.


Buttered Rosemary Rolls

Last week, I found this recipe, which looked amazing.  Then yesterday I found THIS recipe, which just about floored me.  And then I read the second recipe again, and realized it wasn’t actually a dough recipe.  It was a technique recipe, that requires another dough recipe.  Light Bulb. (Pardon the weird subtitles – and if you haven’t seen that movie, go rent it NOW).

For some reason, yesterday was a bread day.  As in, I wanted it.  Badly. So as soon as we got home from work, skipping any semblance of dinner prep, I started working on these.  Dough has to rise, you know.  I barely had all the ingredients I needed, and fortunately I have the world’s biggest rosemary shrub growing in my garden, so this was perfect.


Thanksgiving: Apple Pie, Gravy & Ham Rolls

A closer look at mom’s apple pie:


And a brief look at our delicious ham rolls: