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Free Union Grass Farm Roasted Chicken

It was a dinner designed around the bird.

And what a bird it was.  Fresh from the farm – Free Union Grass Farm, for those in the area, and in the know – and begging to be eaten; plump and chickeny.  Just begging me to break my rule and mess with a whole chicken again.  (I fooled it – we cooked this one first, and then we cut it up.)  This chicken grew up happily in the field next to my parents-in-law’s house, pecking for bugs and clucking in the tall grass.  I watched it out there, having the time of its little poultry life.  I knew it had a good run (har har har) and was ready to be The Dinner.

Calin wanted to roast a chicken. So when this one showed up on our doorstep one night (carefully in hand and definitely already dead, brought by my aforementioned parents-in-law – I don’t think I could cook a bird who flew to my house and rang the doorbell), he was raring to go.  Epicurious provided the basic recipe; YouTube provided the detailed trussing instructions, and we took it from there.



January Ice

On this incredible 70 degree day in February, I thought I’d share some pictures from our brief winter.

~ * ~

Photos from our mini-ice storm on January 21st.  Ice is so beautiful and so destructive.


Buttered Rosemary Rolls

Last week, I found this recipe, which looked amazing.  Then yesterday I found THIS recipe, which just about floored me.  And then I read the second recipe again, and realized it wasn’t actually a dough recipe.  It was a technique recipe, that requires another dough recipe.  Light Bulb. (Pardon the weird subtitles – and if you haven’t seen that movie, go rent it NOW).

For some reason, yesterday was a bread day.  As in, I wanted it.  Badly. So as soon as we got home from work, skipping any semblance of dinner prep, I started working on these.  Dough has to rise, you know.  I barely had all the ingredients I needed, and fortunately I have the world’s biggest rosemary shrub growing in my garden, so this was perfect.