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Pumpkin in Many Forms: Drunken Pumpkin Chili

Thanksgiving was yesterday, but Calin and I celebrated with his family, which this year meant that I didn’t cook anything.  I showed up in my apron and looked busy staying out of the kitchen while everyone else did the hard work.  We did bring cream cheese and some of my pepper jelly as appetizers for the chefs and onlookers, which I suppose counts for something…

Don’t worry – we are doing my family’s Thanksgiving on Sunday, so I’ll have loads of things for you next week. But since I didn’t do any of my own chefing, I don’t have a real Thanksgiving post for you today.  But I don’t want to leave you with nothing to read on this beautiful no-work Friday, with your full tummies and relaxing souls, so here’s another episode of Pumpkin Love.


Continuing my fall obsession with pumpkin, I found this fantastic recipe for pumpkin chili.  This is perfect because 1) chili is the easiest, tastiest soup I know, and I make lots of it in cold weather, and 2) it has pumpkin in it, which makes it feel even more seasonal.  I wasn’t 100% sure how the flavors would work out, since I don’t usually combine pumpkin with savory things (other than ravioli, which I haven’t made but I really want to), but love of pumpkin and love of chili combined to make this something I just had to try.

Unfortunately, the weekend didn’t quite go as planned, and I didn’t have an evening where we would actually be home to eat chili! So I decided to make it as an all-day crockpot extravaganza and have a week night dinner instead.  This, of course, meant that I had to modify the original recipe, because it was designed for real cooking rather than slow cooking. (more…)


Last Minute Chicken Noodle Soup

True love is hot tea and home-made chicken noodle soup.

Which is what my poor, sore-throated hubby requested this evening, and what his sweet, loving wifey made for him.

Aren’t we adorable?

Yesterday, I called an emergency conference of People Who Read My Blog or Facebook Posts, when Calin requested chicken noodle soup to help him feel better.  I have never made chicken noodle soup.  I have never made chicken not-noodle soup.  I have made soup, though, so I figured with the right recipe I could probably pull this off. (more…)

Chicken Soup – A Query

LivingWithPurple followers, I have an urgent request!  Calin feels a sore throat coming on, and has requested chicken soup for dinner.  This is a last-minute request, and may result in canned soup (the horror!) because I don’t have very much time.  I’ve never made home-made chicken noodle soup before – in fact, I’m not sure I’ve ever made chicken soup of any kind – so I’m reluctant to start making something up at the last minute.

Here’s where you come in: Do you have a stand-by chicken soup recipe that doesn’t take hours (or rare talents at obscure cooking practices)?  I would love to make rather than buy if I can!

Southwest Corn and Cheese Chowder

It’s not that there’s been terribly much going on in my life recently, but I’m having a heck of a time keeping up with this blog.  This really shouldn’t come as a surprise – I never was able to keep a diary.  The only thing I can actually get myself to do every single day with utter consistency is make tea when I wake up, and that’s a survival tactic.  I cook things; I take pictures; I start draft entries; and then I leave them sitting for weeks, if not months.

This, for instance, is the final soup that I made from my pre-chopped ingredients experiment what seems like a very, very long time ago.  It’s not that it stops being tasty if the blog post is weeks late.  It’s just that I don’t really remember what happened anymore.  I do vividly remember deciding to brighten things up with triceratops cheese toast, however.  That’s something you don’t easily forget.


Rockin’ Moroccan Stew

By sheer coincidence, this recipe is actually vegan.  It doesn’t taste vegan, and it’s delicious to non-vegans, even people who don’t typically like vegetables.  (It does have peanut butter, so it’s not nut-allergy friendly.)

This is my mother’s recipe, and we discovered it was vegan entirely by accident (it’s not something you think about if you’re not vegan) when she needed something to bring to our movie club, which is 90% vegetarian and 2% vegan (percentages approximate).  Since that discovery, several more people in my life have become vegan, so this is turning into quite the go-to recipe. (more…)

Meal Planning: How Not To Do It

I did a stupid thing.  Fortunately, it turned out well. But it was really stupid.  What did I do, you ask? Well, it all started with meal planning.  I’ve been reading about it, and thinking about it, because as you may have caught on by now, dinner is the third meal I struggle with every day, and I’ve heard that some people don’t struggle quite so much because they have it all figured out ahead of time.


Butternut Squash Soup

I made this in early January, but never got around to sharing. Now I don’t remember what recipe I used or anything about it except that it was delicious. Next time, I’m going to try making it even creamier.

Oooh, but I do remember one thing – I got to use my immersion blender! Huzzah! It was awesome, but lesson learned: next time, either make more, or put it in a thinner pot so the soup is deeper. That thing makes all kinds of weird noises when it gets stuck to the bottom of the pot…

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