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Cupcake Friday: Pumpkin Mocha Cupcakes – LivingWithPurple Edition

This is a red letter blog post. It’s the first time I’ve turned a Cupcake Friday cupcake into a LivingWithPurple Edition! Huzzah! I’ll confess that the photos on Jamie’s blog are prettier, but I’d challenge her to prove that her cupcakes were tastier! These turned out amazingly well – we ate most of them at the Super Bowl party, and the rest were demolished the next day at work.

[Note: I did discover that while pumpkin coffee makes these amazing cupcakes, it does not make amazing coffee. So I’m hoarding the rest of the beans for when I have another pumpkin coffee recipe I’m enthralled with.] (more…)


Cupcake Friday: Pumpkin Mocha Cupcakes – My Baking Addiction

When I decided to institute Cupcake Fridays, Calin looked conflicted and said it wouldn’t be good for us.  To compromise, I said that I would only do my own cupcakes about once a month, and the rest of the time I would feature other people’s cupcakes that I really want to make.  This is both a safer proposition, because I theoretically won’t be making cupcakes every week, and a dangerous one, because I will actively be looking for cupcakes I want to make in the future.  (Right.  Like I haven’t been doing that all along…)

This week’s featured cupcake recipe is Pumpkin Mocha Cupcakes from My Baking Addiction. Doesn’t it look delicious?


Pumpkin in Many Forms: Drunken Pumpkin Chili

Thanksgiving was yesterday, but Calin and I celebrated with his family, which this year meant that I didn’t cook anything.  I showed up in my apron and looked busy staying out of the kitchen while everyone else did the hard work.  We did bring cream cheese and some of my pepper jelly as appetizers for the chefs and onlookers, which I suppose counts for something…

Don’t worry – we are doing my family’s Thanksgiving on Sunday, so I’ll have loads of things for you next week. But since I didn’t do any of my own chefing, I don’t have a real Thanksgiving post for you today.  But I don’t want to leave you with nothing to read on this beautiful no-work Friday, with your full tummies and relaxing souls, so here’s another episode of Pumpkin Love.


Continuing my fall obsession with pumpkin, I found this fantastic recipe for pumpkin chili.  This is perfect because 1) chili is the easiest, tastiest soup I know, and I make lots of it in cold weather, and 2) it has pumpkin in it, which makes it feel even more seasonal.  I wasn’t 100% sure how the flavors would work out, since I don’t usually combine pumpkin with savory things (other than ravioli, which I haven’t made but I really want to), but love of pumpkin and love of chili combined to make this something I just had to try.

Unfortunately, the weekend didn’t quite go as planned, and I didn’t have an evening where we would actually be home to eat chili! So I decided to make it as an all-day crockpot extravaganza and have a week night dinner instead.  This, of course, meant that I had to modify the original recipe, because it was designed for real cooking rather than slow cooking. (more…)

Cupcake Friday: Halloweeny Pumpkin Cupcakes with Pumpkin-Cinnamon Icing

Happy Friday everybody. :)  Turns out I never posted my Halloween cupcakes post, and how better to celebrate the coming weekend?  So here they are!  Halloweeny pumpkin cupcakes with pumpkin-cinnamon cream cheese icing!

Inspired by Katie, created by Miz Purple, iced and eaten by Helper Hubby.

icing cupcakes

It’s never the wrong time to make cupcakes, but cupcakes in the fall get high marks, especially if they’re pumpkin.   (more…)

Pumpkin in Many Forms: Pumpkin Bread

When a man with a toothache says he wants pumpkin bread, you make it for him.  Especially if you’ve already been planning to make some, and it’s a Sunday afternoon, and you really want the house to smell good.

I have been planning on this for a while, but I didn’t actually bother to find a recipe until it got time to settle down to it.  I figured I’d try my cookbook collection first, but they turned up nothing of consequence.  (Okay, that’s a stretch – they turned up plain old nothing.)  So I turned to my trusty internet, with its trusty other-people’s-cooking-blogs (and with AllRecipes – let’s give credit where it’s due), and low and behold found an amazingly simple recipe on of my old faithfuls – My Baking Addiction.


Thanksgiving: Mac & Cheese

On Thanksgiving Eve, Caitlin and I decided that if we were really going to make this incredible edible feast, we’d better get a move on.  So we checked the inventory to see what we could make ahead that would reheat the best.  We determined that mac and cheese (recipe specially selected for left-over quality) and corn pudding (time-tested reheatability) were the best choices – we were also planning to make cookies, but if you’ve been following along, you’ll know that we never got around to it.  Surprise surprise…

We got home from the store at about 4:30, exhilarated and ready to go.  So we sat around and had a few beers with Calin before we got started, and before we knew it it was 6:00 and we hadn’t started.  So then, of course, we had to eat something.  Mom came over and brought some extra ham (how can it be extra if you haven’t made the main course with it yet?) and some incredible rolls she’s picked up, so we sat around eating those for a while, and then it was 7:00 and we still hadn’t started…  Are you beginning to see why the cookies didn’t happen?  At that point we realized that we really had to buckle down and cook already, or we’d end up with no feast at all, so we dove right in.